Limousine rent

  Our rental packages available:
  • „Entertainment“ – „Avocamentum“
  • „Celebration“ – „Festus“
  • „Culture“ – „Eruditio“

1.  Avocamentum – recreational or emotional form of relaxation. by choosing this package you can choose from the services offered by these options:

  • Take a trip to the concert;
  • Celebrate birthdays, stag or hen party;
  • Night city tour.


2. Festus - selecting this package you wabt to celebrate a meaningful celebration of your life or an important event. This service package are invited to accept the following:
  • Valentine's day;
  • Wedding;
  • Halloween;
  • Christmas;
  • New Year;
  • Diploma ceremony;
  • Christening;
  • Theme parties;

3. Eruditio – it's the last one in our service which oriented for people who aspire to visit lithuania places of interest with the luxury limousine. of course, this service will leave an unforgivable impression on our country's guests who are given the opportunity to experience the Lithuanian beauties. 


P.s. For further information please write to the following e-mail:

SEO paslaugos


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